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  • Bucket Elevator

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    Bucket Elevator

    Product introduction: 1. Application Our TDTG series bucket elevators are the equipment specially for continuous grain conveyance vertically, which has the advantages of small footprint, large throughput and low power consumption. The equipment is widely used in oil plant, animal feed, flour and...Read More

  • Belt Conveyor

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    Belt Conveyor

    1. Applications Belt Conveyor is one widely used conveying machine for continuous transportation of bulk materials with particles density at the range of 0.5~2.5t/m3 and packed materials in a varieties of industries. The conveyor could be used together with other conveying equipment. The machine...Read More

  • Mobile Belt Conveyor

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    Mobile Belt Conveyor

    Introduction Mobile telescopic belt conveyor is suited to convey, load, stack and transfer bulk grain, packed grain or small particles, and can be used in series connection or together with other machines. It can be installed in open-air storehouse. The loader could convey all kinds of light or...Read More

  • Enclosed Belt Conveyor

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    Enclosed Belt Conveyor

    Enclosed belt conveyor can transport products in horizontal or inclined direction. The upper cover could be removed and maintained easily.The bulk materials could flow back to the conveyor automatically and realize automatic cleaningRead More

  • Sweep Auger

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    Sweep Auger

    Sweep auger allows to transport granular products that can not be discharged with natural materials flow such as wheat, corn, sunflower seeds, rapeseed etc. It can realize material discharge at 360 degree. We can provide you with light duty, medium duty and heavy duty types of sweep auger based...Read More

  • Gripping Roller Conveyor

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    Gripping Roller Conveyor

    It takes the rubber roller as bearing surface, and the transmission belt is wound around each roller to provide traction force. The bags are conveyed on the belt, and its tail section is fitted with level limit board while photoelectric switch is installed on one side for detection; PLC control...Read More

  • Shaping Conveyor

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    Shaping Conveyor

    It is enclosed by a circular conveying belt that is taken as traction and bearing components, and the belt is tightened around the front and rear roller to complete the transport mission through its continuous movements.The packaged bags would receive orderly arrangement by the photoelectric...Read More

  • Turning Conveyor

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    Turning Conveyor

    It takes several double row chain as traction and bearing components, and each chain is coiled around the front and rear sprocket wheel to complete the conveying task by the continuous movement of the motor. The two sides of conveyor are installed with stainless steel protective plates, the...Read More

  • Pneumatic Conveyor

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    Pneumatic Conveyor

    Pneumatic conveyor is the attractive alternative to mechanical conveyor by the use of moving belts, spinning rollers or vibrating plates to move objects. Pneumatic conveyors are much better suited to powder handling than mechanical conveyors because the conveyance channels used in pneumatic...Read More

  • Screw Conveyor

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    Screw Conveyor

    We can provide screw conveyor as one ancillary facility of storage silo. The screw conveyor is often used horizontally or at a slight incline as an efficient way to move bulk materials, including grain, food waste, wood chips, animal feed, solid waste, and boiler ash. It consists of a trough or...Read More

  • Chain Conveyor

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    Chain Conveyor

    Chain conveyor is one conveying equipment that can transport materials continuously driven by the moving chain in closed rectangular section, and it is in simple structure and can be easily operated and repaired. The chain conveyor is usually used to convey particles and powders horizontally,...Read More

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