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Frequently Asked Question

1. Yiyang Hopper Bottom Silos 

Yiyang  hopper bottom silos is designed for faster assembly and high overall strength, featuring 100% bolting on all roof panels and a tight middle connection.

Additional features and benefits:

Reinforced designs for higher catwalk support loads

Easy to be assembled

Tailored discharge outlets

Moderate hopper legs

Temperature monitoring options available 

2. How many sorts of steel silos can we supply based on the way of building?  And what’s their difference?

Shandong Yiyang can provide two types of silos according to the building approach: Yiyang assembly type steel silo and Yiyang welding type steel silo.
Compared with welding type steel silo, the assembly type silo has the advantages of convenient transportation, easy installation and little welding work. However, the welding type silo would become the better choice when the site space is constrained or the required storage capacity is very small.

3. In which industries the steel silos will be used? Which kind of bulk materials can be put into steel silos?

Yiyang silos is widely used in grain, oil, chemical, brewery, pharmaceutical, food, cement and Waste water treatment industries. The bulk materials that can be stored in steel silos including:
Cereals (soybean, corn, wheat, barley, oat, wheat germ, paddy rice, rapeseed, rice husk, castor seed, and sunflower seed) and building materials (cement, pulverized coal ash,chamotte, slag, quick lime, hydrated lime,gypsum and phosphine calcium).

4. What is the difference between chain(drag) conveyor and belt conveyor?

We will install chain(drag) conveyor or the belt conveyor in our smart grain handling, storage and conveying system based on varied conditions. Chain conveyor is environmental friendly due to its good sealing performance while the belt conveyor has the dust fly out as all bulk materials cannot be sealed ,which will pollute the atmosphere. Nowadays, chain conveyor is commonly installed under the silo for grain discharge while the belt conveyor is used in the place that is suitable for long-distance transportation for bulk materials or bags of materials.

5. What Is Digital Intelligent Grain Drying System?

The drying system can keep secure drying process by using a variety of monitoring units to control the potential safety hazard in real time at all aspects during the working time. The real time monitoring data is transmitted to the control center using data combing technology to process all kinds of information intensively which can start the early-warning mechanism timely once safety problems happen and achieve the effect of prior warning, ensuring the secure operation of the drying equipment and the safety of the grain.

6.The Application of Yiyang Silos in Agricultural Sector

Yiyang has been serving the agricultural sector, for over 20 years with wide product range 

featuring large selection of grain silos in various sizes to handle all the free 

flowing grains, augers, aerators, conditioning equipment, fans, bucket elevators, conveyors, 

scalpers / cleaners etc.

Silos are used for storing following free flowing grain:


Castor Seed




Paddy and Rice

Sesame Seed (for Gingely Oil)


Green Coffee Beans




Barley and Malt

Niger Seeds 

Coffee bean