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Other Accessories Of Steel Silo System

  • Air Blower

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    Air Blower

    We can provide air blower as one spare part or accessory along with our silo. We can help you choose the right air blower based on your requirementsRead More

  • Manual/Electric Gate

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    Manual/Electric Gate

    The force moment of electric gate is larger than common gate, and its open or close speed can be adjusted, which is of simple structure and easy maintenance. It is used to control the flow of grain, slurry, water, and other bulk materials. We provide this part as one accessory of our grain...Read More

  • Three-way Distributor (Electric)

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    Three-way Distributor (Electric)

    Electric three-way distributor is one regulating valve that can be cut in three direction, featuring tightly close, impact structure and easy maintenance. We can provide this accessory in your silo.Read More

  • Ventilated Channel

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    Ventilated Channel

    We provide ventilated channel as one spare part or accessory of our silo.Read More

  • Ventilation Sheet With Mesh

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    Ventilation Sheet With Mesh

    We provide ventilated channel as one spare part or accessory of our silo.Read More

  • Temperature Measurement System

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    Temperature Measurement System

    We provide temperature measurement system as one ancillary system along with our storage silo or as one separate system for sale. The system is used to monitor the temperature in grain silo and the user can establish their own data collection system and transmit the real time temperature data to...Read More

  • Level Indicator

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    Level Indicator

    We provide level indicator as one spare part or accessory of our silo. The anti-rotary level indicator is frequently used to measure the material level at one position of our silo, having the features of anti-adhesion, high temperature resistance and adjustable sensitiveness. The indicator is...Read More

  • Ladder

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    We can provide ladders as the accessory along with our silo.The steel ladders can be painted or galvanized depending on your requirements.Read More

  • Vibration Discharger

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    Vibration Discharger

    Vibration discharger is normally installed under the steel silo for unloading materials and widely applied in the transportation of grain, starch, animal feed, pharmaceutical and coal. It has the following features: Large feed capacity and flow rate can be controlled Closely sealed with the...Read More

  • Moisture Measurement System

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    Moisture Measurement System

    We provide humidity monitoring system as one ancillary system along with our storage silo or as one separate system for sale. The humidity monitoring system has the ability to monitor the real time humidity data in silo and automatically send the alarm information to the computer as as to take...Read More

  • Rotary Distributor

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    Rotary Distributor

    The rotary distributor applies electromagnetic brake and proximity switch for accurate positioning. It is fitted with self-cleaning unit and is easy to be operated and maintained, widely used in distribution of grain, starch and animal feed. Specification: 4-16 pipes/set.Read More

  • Softlanding System For Grains

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    Softlanding System For Grains

    The softlanding system is one back plate inside the feed pipe or one chute that can slow down the falling speed of materials making use of the resistance of back plate so as to lessen the breakage rate of materials.Read More

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