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High Universality Of Grain Dryers
Nov 03, 2017

There are many kinds of cereal drier, and the classification method is different, which is divided into two main categories. One is classified according to heat transfer mode, there are high-temperature dryer, low-temperature dryer, radiation dryer, heat-conduction dryer; Grain Dryer the second is classified according to the operation mode, there are batch operating dryer, continuous operation dryer and circulation drying machine.

A grain dryer, including a rack, a drying box arranged on a rack, an electrothermal fan arranged at the lower end of the drying box, the discharging machine and the feeding machine, the discharging machine is set at the bottom of the drying box discharging mouth, the feeding machine includes hopper and belt conveyor, Grain Dryer the hopper is arranged at the entrance of the top of the drying box, the discharging end of the belt conveyor is arranged above the hopper, The drying tank is also provided with a spiral drying groove and a vibrating pump, the upper end of the spiral drying groove is connected to the inlet, Grain Dryer the lower end of the spiral drying groove is connected to the discharging machine, and the vibration pump is connected to the bottom of the spiral drying tank. The open grain dryer of the utility model has the advantages of good quality, high efficiency and convenient use of grain drying, Grain Dryer which greatly improves the grain drying in agricultural production, thus reducing the dependence on the weather of grain drying and reducing the time consuming and processing cost of grain drying processing.

Grain Dryer is a small household grain drying equipment which is developed for drying grain of rural farmers and can be used to dry grain, grain, wheat, grain, rapeseed, millet and so on. The cereal dryer equipment includes the small dryer main body and the biomass hot stove two parts, Grain Dryer the main body uses the reverse downstream tower internal circulation structure, the monolithic modular structure, the easy disassembly transportation, Grain Dryer occupies the small, the dry quality, the labor operation intensity is low, the equipment cost is low, suits our country Northeast village use. Biomass hot stove with grain straw as fuel, furnace and heat exchanger integrated docking design, compact structure, low energy consumption, high thermal efficiency, small footprint, and the main body of the dryer match good. Grain Dryer (small grain drying equipment, small grain drying production line) in line with the international continuous improvement of grain drying quality, reduce energy consumption, reduce loss, in line with the green, durability, Grain Dryer fresh-keeping drying concept.

Principles of grain Dryers:

Through the compressor work, the heat transfer in the pipeline to absorb the heat in the external environment, and then through the heat exchanger to release the heat to the drying room, Grain Dryer through the hot air circulation system for continuous drying process.

The structure of the grain dryer:

1. Heat pump heating unit.

2, Heat preservation box device.

3. Hot air circulation device.

4. Automatic moisture discharging device.

5. Intelligent control device.

Advantages of grain Dryers:

1, can effectively guarantee the physical and chemical characteristics of dried materials and the quality of drying materials.

2, the drying process temperature distribution uniformity, Grain Dryer humidity can be automatic control.

3, safe and reliable, the drying process does not have the danger which causes the harm to the human.

4, the drying process energy consumption is low, Grain Dryer effectively reduces the operating cost.

5, the universality is strong, reduces the investment expense at the same time, enhances the equipment utilization ratio and the effective utilization rate.

Our solution:

1, the use of heat pump to the paper tube drying treatment, drying process low energy consumption, effectively reduce the operating costs.

2. The drying process is well ventilated and evenly heated.

3. The corresponding parameters to control the drying of the paper tube can effectively solve the problems in the drying process.

4, the drying process is safe and reliable, Grain Dryer drying process without overheating or burning hazards.

5, temperature and humidity control, high accuracy. Effectively avoid manual operation and lead to drying or excessive drying phenomenon, reduce labor intensity and reduce operating costs.