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Packing&Palletizing System

  • Full Automatic Palletizing Machine

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    Full Automatic Palletizing Machine

    1. Application and performance The machine is one automatic stacking robot on pallets applied in chemical, petroleum, grease and pigment industries, 2. Main features The robot can put the whole set of the pallets into the pallets storage area. Its loaded pallets conveying unit firstly send the...Read More

  • Packing Scale

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    Packing Scale

    Our packing scale is one automatic quantitative packing scale, and its whole weighing process is automatically controlled by the computer. It has the following features: Special anti-jam device can make the machine own accurate measurement, quick packing speed, and stable working under...Read More

  • Semi-auto Palletizing Machine

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    Semi-auto Palletizing Machine

    Semi-auto Palletizing MachineRead More

  • Bridge Type Palletizing Machine

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    Bridge Type Palletizing Machine

    Products introduction 1.Features: The bridge type palletizing machine is our newly developed storage conveying equipment widely used in grain, starch, animal feed, salt and coal industries which could realize the mechanized operation of the bag packed materials and the bulk materials from...Read More

  • Rotating Disc Type Stacking Machine

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    Rotating Disc Type Stacking Machine

    Our rotary disc type palletizing machine is only fed by one bag with the dolly moving to right or left followed by the rotation of the disc, so its structure is compact and saves plenty of space. The price of our palletizing machine is quite low and affordable for many middle or small animal...Read More

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